Monday, February 13, 2012

Robbed, but not beaten

We were robbed.   Due to some extenuating circumstances, we had to move from a sprawling two bedroom to a tiny one bedroom.  We didn't have much time and at the time Baba was a newborn, so I couldn't help much.  So we decided to get a storage compartment to hold stuff, until we could slowly organize.  Well, it was robbed. 

I'm very grateful that it was a storage place and not our home, but I still feel violated.  Someone decided that they didn't need to respect other people and it was perfectly fine to take their things by force.  Ugh!  I was going to get rid of stuff and keep only the special things, but the special things are gone.

They stole some electronic equipment, our old CD's, my fashion jewelry, 3 leather jackets, and my nice collection of shoes.  As you can see, none of it was expensive.  It was worth a lot to me, emotionally, but had little market value.  We were mostly worried about identity theft, but it doesn't look like they took paperwork and there is no weird activity on our credit cards.  So these guys (or gals), don't seem to be sophisticated enough for identity theft.  Hopefully.

There a few items they missed.  They didn't find my sister's pink sapphire and diamond necklace, the one I bought her.  Yeah!  It's not really expensive, but it's really special.  They also didn't take my art supplies.  Woo...hoo!

I'm really going to miss my shoes.  Shoes, people!  They'll probably sell for less than $10, but they were worth more to me.  I've been slowly adding to my shoe collection for 15 years.  I had a sizable debt after college, so I didn't have a lot of money.  I also struggled with weight issues and shoes were the only things that could make me feel beautiful.  Most of them were bought on sale, no more than $40 a pair.  I had about 35 nice pairs of favorite heels, a few I had only worn a few times. 

Yeah.  I feel sad.  It's sad that people degrade themselves to the point of stealing.  Since they stole inexpensive items, perhaps they aren't exactly making big money on this venture.  Apparently, someone else was robbed too.  The policewoman was already on the premises for that reason.  Hopefully, they didn't lose really valuable items.

bbrrr!!  I'm still cute!  (5 months)

 I'm sad, but I'm grateful.  They didn't rob our home.  We are all safe.  I didn't lose anything I can't replace, eventually.  Organizing is going to be a cinch.  I get to start anew!  It's not so bad when you like new things, like I do.  Yeah.  We're all going to be okay.

I feel sad about the lost memories of some of the special items, but I guess I'll have to make some new ones! 

They may have taken my stuff, but they couldn't take the most important things in my life.  They couldn't take my dignity, my strength, or my precious memories.  My family is safe.  Yes, the important things are still here.  For that...I am truly grateful. 

Enjoying the simple things!  (5 months)

 I hope you all have a lovely and joyful day!  Thanks for stopping by!

Having fun at 2 months old!

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