Friday, February 3, 2012

My bad, mommy bad...

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but life happened. Thought I'd post it before I had to trash it. Have a great weekend!

Baba has the flu.  He was cranky for a couple days and I was starting to get irritable too.  I was having visions of putting him in a naughty chair, when I finally realized he was sick...drippy nose.  The mild fever didn't clue me in.  Mom's a dunce!  Every time he's gotten cranky, he ended up being sick or teething or both.  When will I finally figure that out?  Poor kid, he got the inexperienced mom.

snot wipe emergency!
He probably caught it when this 3 year old kid decided to pet him...on the face!  I was so shocked that I just stood there completely taken aback.  He didn't mean to be rude, he was just touching my son all over his face in an annoying way!  Actually, I was torn between thinking it was sorta cute and really rude!

cute or annoying?
Baba was shocked too and just froze.  Mom's not coming to the rescue.  He finally looked up at me and I gave him a big smile.  After all the kid wasn't trying to hurt him.  Baba chuckled!  Yup.  My 10 month old thought the 3 year old kid was a crack up!  Then he simply crawled away.  You might not believe me.  You might think I'm just seeing what I want, but he has "won" these battles with other kids.

Once, while looking at the Koi fish in the pond, Baba spotted a 7-8 year old girl, not surprisingly she was beautiful.  He definitely prefers pretty girls!  He stared at her for a few minutes, while she was looking at the fish.  They were on a mini platform, so she was kneeling on it and he was crawling.

At some point, she realized that he was staring at her, he was only 10 feet away.  She looked a little confused because he was staring at her intensely.  Suddenly, he started crawling towards her, the little guy had intent.  She froze and looked scared.  My sister had to scoop him up before he rammed into her!

not watching where he's going

In retrospect, I think she was blocking the path and he decided to crawl around her.  He was probably checking to see if he could take her.  I think he smelled fear.  He was right.  That poor girl looked frightened.  When do you start teaching manners?

Auntie says that he was actually going straight for her, that's why she was scared.  She was she would know.  I guess I can't be annoyed by the boy who petted his face!

"what's this?"
Anyway, I'm so tired!  I feel like a walking zombie (as opposed to the one that's still in it's tomb)!  My sister has to repeat everything twice and I still don't get it.  He's attached to my hip and won't let his auntie carry or play with him.  Ugh!

"mom hasn't figured out that I'm sick"
To say I hurt would be an understatement.  Colossal understatement!  I used to be able to take Vicodin to take the edge off the pain, but breast feeding and narcotics?  Let's get him addicted early!  Aahh!

So I must pretend it doesn't hurt and play like I'm having the best day of my life.  I just need to convince my brain to release more feel good drugs...along with the ones released with breast feeding!  Yeah!


  1. Poor kid!He has the flu , I hope he gets well soon!These captures are so beautiful!
    Hugs for you


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