Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fibromyalgia brain fog mess

I'm finally over my cold!  Yeah!  But...I still have a mild flare up (fibromyalgia)...boooo!  I wanted to write lots of helpful articles about treating a stroke, but I can't think straight.  Why?  Brain fog.  What's that, you say?  It's another symptom of fibromyalgia.  Yup!  My good friend does not disappoint.  Ugh!  

I open one of my many drafts, but I stare at the screen.  Sometimes, I attempt to write a few sentences, but they don't make sense.  It's harder because I have to write them in "layman's terms".  That means I have to define everything and attempt to explain myself in a way that would make sense to anybody, not just therapists.  

In person, I can easily adapt to the person I'm speaking to by reading their cues, but online I have to be clearer.  Otherwise, y'all will think I'm incompetent.  Or, at least that's what I think.  I guess it could be part of my perfectionism problem.  Sigh!  Aren't I supposed to be over this personality flaw by now?  I'm 39 years old!  Ugh!

The good news is that I've started to do the Masgutova Method with Baba again...with good results!  I was so sick, that we had to put this method on hold for 3 weeks!  I feel terrible, but it couldn't be helped.  It was just too hard.  He no longer wants to lay around while his mom "massages" him.  He's always on the go.  That means Auntie and I have to do crazy things to get all the reflexes done.
He's starting to cross crawl (on knees, rather than on his feet), which is good.  We still have a ways to go, but it's much harder now because he's used to bear crawling (on his feet). He's decided he wants to crawl that way, even when it's obviously harder on certain surfaces.

We are also working on developing his pincer grasp.  He finds it extremely frustrating that he can't pick up small objects.  He's not behind per typical charts, but it's obvious that he finds it frustrating.  Each child has their own developmental timeline and I believe Baba would be more advanced in his fine motor, if he hadn't suffered a stroke.  How do I know?  Mommy intuition, coupled with therapeutic observation.

If I don't help him develop his fine motor at his pace, he might get so frustrated that he'll give up.  This will adversely affect his motivation, making it harder to work on later.  It will also affect his self confidence, which will affect performance in other areas.

Baba suffered a stroke mainly in his frontal lobe, on his left side, though it also damaged part of his parietal lobe.  The frontal lobe controls executive functions (problem solving, memory, etc.).  It also can affect frustration tolerance, attention, and learning.  Many children with this type of injury may also develop emotional problems when they're older.  

The left parietal lobe houses the language centers.  It is my secret fear that he'll understand language, but won't be able to communicate his thoughts.  It's not the articulation part because with IPads, kids can now speak.  No.  The worst language problem is understanding everything, but not be able to communicate verbally, written, or sign.  In this type of problem, the person thinks he is clearly speaking, but it sounds like gibberish to everyone else.  They can't communicate in any medium.

It doesn't look like he has this issue, as he is perfectly able to use gestures and intonations to communicate now.  Yet I still have panic attacks that Baba has this communication problem.  Yes, I know it's crazy.  I know it's most likely not true...yet...  What can I say?  My mind seems to like drama.

Hopefully, my brain fog will clear soon, and I'll be able to finish writing "wearing baby, part 2" or any of the other 5 articles I've started, but can't seem to finish.  Perhaps I will have a posting spree when I finally finish the articles!

All the photos are from our day in the park, last weekend.  He really seemed to love it!  He's usually reticent, but this time he couldn't wait to explore.

The crazy kid tried to go down head first!  I guess he hasn't learned about heights yet! 

I think he wasn't happy that I was "helping" him.

We had so much fun!  The milestone of the day was trying to climb back up the slide.  Of course, he needed much help!  However, I thought we'd celebrate the attempt!

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  1. Found your blog doing a search on fibro fog, as I have to deal with it too. I am really moved by it and can't imagine how difficult it must be to have fibromyalgia and a child as well, a child that needs special care. Poor thing having a stroke!

    It must be very stressful for you and I hope you are able to do some relaxation exercises, meditation, meditation videos on YouTube, whatever, as we all know stress makes everything with fibro worse. I wish you the best!


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