Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An abundance of love


Although I have experience working with kids, I never worked with babies.  This was my first time working with someone so young and it was really hard, though very rewarding.  

PICU with auntie

I started my career working with the elderly in skilled nursing facilities.  I worked with many who had suffered from a stroke.  It was always challenging because no two strokes are the same.  The brain is so complicated and you never can be sure of the outcome of therapy.

 1 month old-holding mommy's hand

However, I learned that the people with the family support made the most progress.  The elderly didn't always have family nearby or friends who were still living.  Sometimes, they were completely on their own.  But those who had family support felt more motivated to make progress.
2 months old-looking up at mom

I know that my son and I are fortunate to have each other.  How perfect that I could use my skills to help him.  Yet I know that it isn't my skills as a therapist that matter most.

 2.5 months old-looking dapper

The most important gift to a child with special needs is LOVE.  It's love that motivates them to practice a skill till they finally achieve it.  It's love that gives them wings, so that they can fly.  Of course therapy is important, but without love it would not be as effective.  

4 months old-listening to mommy

Love gives us the insight to see our children's personality, not their illness.  It gives us the courage to fight for their right to good therapy services, good education, and social acceptance.  Love helps us to persevere when it feels so much easier to give up.
almost 6 months old-looking at fountain with auntie

So take a moment to reflect how your love has empowered and brightened your children.  You may not have all the answers, but you have the most important abundance of love.

 almost 10 months old-trying not to touch auntie's computer


  1. Hi Steph! Thanks for visiting!

  2. your son is beautiful! and yes, the most important gift our special kids need is love! i have to remind myself of that every time i feel i am not doing enough therapy. this month off of therapies due to the move has been a good reinforcer of that.

  3. Don't worry, there's time for therapy. My son and I have taken therapy breaks for up to 3 weeks at a time,..more than once. It really is love that gives them the power and motivation to practice the things they learn in therapy on their own. That is the real key to really is. I have witnessed it many times.


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