Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sensory overload

I wanted to take nice pictures.  The kind that require nice outfits and beautiful settings.  I just didn't plan on the rest of the day.

The day went like this:
      11am--getting special clothes on
 12:30pm--drive in traffic
        1pm--ate Hawaiian BBQ
   2:30pm--nurse and nap
        3pm--long photo session
        5pm--busy bookstore cafe for too long
        6pm--walking among bright lights
   6:30pm--ate at really overwhelming cafe
       7pm--more walking in bright lights
  7:30pm--nurse and attempt to de-stress
      8pm--drive-got car sick
  8:30pm--stop at Babies R Us to recover from car sickness
      9pm--peak in Toys R Us--cause I'm crazy!
  9:30pm--back to Babies R Us to recover from Toys R Us
10:00pm--auntie almost gets a ticket for illegal u-turn because we're trying to
                find a place to park because Baba is crying
11:00pm--stop at In n Out parking lot for a break and nurse to calm down
11:30pm--long drive home
12am--crawl into bed

Yeah.  I was insane!  A 40 minute drive turned into a three and a half hour nightmare!  Good thing his memory is short!

    He just loves nature!

    Wish it was lighter, but perfect smile!

    He loves water fountains!

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