Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baba wins!

Baba:  I want to stand up, mommy.

Mom:  That's a great idea!  Why don't we go to the living room?

Baba:  The living room's boring.

Mom:  Why?

Baba:  I've done the pull to stand on the sofa a 100 times!

Mom:  You can count to 100?

Baba:  Mom!

Mom:  But this bathroom is seriously dangerous!  You could hit the toilet, bathtub, and sink in one fell swoop!

Baba:  I won't fall.

Mom:  But you might.

Baba:  Aren't you a therapist?

Mom:  Yes.

Baba:  So isn't that why you're here?

This is an example of the conversations I feel like I'm having with my 8 month old.  In reality, just replace all words with "mama-baba".  Then repeat.


  1. :) Cute!

    I've had that talk several times myself!

  2. His facial expressions get me every time!


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