Sunday, December 11, 2011

Individual milestone schedule

 I'm so sorry for the delay in posting.  Baba (nickname) is crawling and pulling up to stand, but he thinks he's walking and talking at the same time!  He is so dangerous in this temporary, but child unfriendly house!  I really thought he was going to be delayed so I didn't think this hazardous house would be a problem! 

I can't leave him alone for a second.  Sigh...   Although he's moving pretty well, he doesn't always pay attention.  He's also trying to do things way beyond his capability.  This sets him up for nasty accidents...already many close calls. 

Goes to show you that no on can predict when a child will reach their developmental milestones!  I was dead wrong!  So if anybody tells you what your child will NOT be able to do, just ignore it.  They can't possibly know for sure.  Assume your child will reach every milestone on their schedule, not anyone else's schedule!

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