Friday, April 13, 2012

One year after a baby stroke

I don't know how many times I've started to write our birth story, but I just can't seem to make it coherent.  It's been a year and the memories of that time are dampening the good of today.  I know I'm suffering from the trauma.  It was such a difficult time.  I will eventually be able to write about it and heal, but for today I will focus on how far we've come.  There are definite challenges up ahead, but we are stronger together. 

Baba has changed my life for the better and I'm so grateful to him!  He is the light in my life and he brings out the best in me.  He is a unique little guy, who is already acting like he is a leader.  People think he is hilarious! 

He loves learning his numbers and letters, though ever since he started walking, his verbal output has decreased.  He has even stopped saying mom.  However, he is clearly able to communicate his wishes and desires with gestures and sounds.  I love to hear his little sounds because they so clearly indicate his opinions.  He has very clear opinions about his little world and I love learning about who he is as a person.

 The neurologist says that Baba may have delayed speech development and there is a slight inward turn of his right foot.  We have to keep up with the therapy to prevent bigger problems.  Baba and I do therapy everyday.  Some of it is very boring and some of it is just fun.  It's become a part of of life, so it's easier now.  At first it felt like my head was filled with therapy, but now we have more fun.  Sometimes I even forget we're doing therapy! 

 It certainly hasn't been an easy year, but I guess motherhood is harder than I ever could have imagined.  It's also more rewarding than I ever imagined.  I just love to make him smile!  It really lights up my heart and makes every exhausted part of my body happy.  I couldn't have asked for a better match in temperament.  He keeps me on my toes! 

My life hasn't been easy, but I know that I am blessed with an amazing little person who makes my life better.  I don't know how I lived before he came along! 

I'm learning so much about taking photos of children from this little guy.  He's so adorable and I can't stop snapping pictures, but I have so much to learn.  More than half of my pictures are awful.  I'm used to taking photos of flowers and things that just stand still at dusk.  It's so much harder to take photos of a fast moving object in all kinds of different lighting, but it's so much fun!

Right now, I'm so inspired by the other amazing photographer bloggers!  These are some of my favorite mommy bloggers who also happen to be great photographers!

The Paper Mama--who also happens to have lots of photo challenges, which I hope to enter soon!

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Have an amazing day everyone!


  1. Oh, man, he is doing so well! Congratulations, Bea! You did a wonderful job and will continue to do so, I have no doubt!

    1. Thanks, Shasta! I have been meaning to tell you that I appreciate the mention of my blog on your post and pinterest. I have not been doing well, but I'm finally feeling better. I actually read all your posts, but I have not been able to comment as much. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. OK Bea - you're doing a great job with that precious little man. And I really want to smush those little cheeks! :)

    BTW - I'm sure you know this but I'm not seeing your therapy secrets post yet. Looking forward to reading and sharing your tips!

    1. I'm so sorry. The post was scheduled to go up today and it just disappeared! I don't know why. I do have the bulk saved onto Evernote, so I'll be able to post it soon. Really sorry about that!


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