Monday, March 5, 2012

Developmental Specialist Appointment

We met with the Developmental Specialist last Wednesday.  He had seen Baba when he was 4 months old.  At the time, he felt Baba had some spasticity and weakness on his right leg, but he seemed to test average for everything else.  At that point, there was always a possibility of developing more asymmetry (decreased strength and function on one side).  So they wanted to keep an eye on his progress.

At this appointment, he couldn't get over how well Baba was doing.  He couldn't believe that he was walking!  Baba also tested cognitively at 12 months (slightly above), verbally at 10 months (average), fine motor at 10 months (average), and gross motor at 12 months (slightly above). 

After the fellow (a doctor who is getting training in a specialty area) left, the attending came in excitedly.

"Will he walk for me?"

I wasn't sure.  Baba is very wary of strangers, for he probably didn't remember her.  My jaw absolutely dropped as he not only seemed comfortable with her, he asked her to pick him up!  I couldn't believe it!  He played with the toys she brought and showed off his walking, turning, and squatting.  Oh yeah!  He was flirting!

The attending felt that Baba was doing very well and she could not detect any asymmetry in his body or any other problems at this time.  They hoped to see him again, but we're moving far away, so it would be impossible. 

At home, we're noticing that his right toes are curling in when he walks.  So when he loses he's balance, it's almost always on his right side.  So we're continuing the Masgutova Method to try and encourage his brain to keep his body in symmetry.

These results are beyond all my expectations and even the expectations of the doctors.  We are all pleasantly surprised.  It is the best kind of surprise. 

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